OakWood Renovation opens new headquarters by Hobin & Associates

Ottawa-based OakWood Renovation Experts decided to turn their 58 years of home renovation experience on themselves, and teamed up with Barry J. Hobin & Associates Architects for a new corporate headquarters, located at Trim Road and Highway 174 in Orleans. “We were pleased that Barry and his team wanted to take this project on with us,” says OakWood president John Liptak. “We’ve worked with the Hobin team on a number of client projects so we knew they would understand our vision and really get what we wanted to achieve – and they did.”

The building is a combination of glass, steel, stone, and new and reclaimed lumber, with careful consideration given to the way the space was designed to unite the corporate and customer requirements of the space. “But we designed the space to be a bit of a showcase too – each bathroom is different, we included some reclaimed wood from the old building and incorporated it into the drop ceiling design in the main office areas,” explains Liptak.

The new building is one of four Ottawa locations for OakWood but is its flagship in more ways than one. Though it consolidates head office operations and human resources, it will also be home to a state-of-the-art showroom. The Barry J. Hobin & Associates Architects team, including Patrick Bisson, Reinhard Vogel, Gord Lorimer and Barry Hobin, designed a space that would serve multiple objectives while incorporating sustainable green features and targeting that coveted LEED Platinum designation.

Sustainability examples include:

  • The construction of the building was to take place on existing soil and care was given to ensure that construction would not change the composition of the property. Watershed was protected and any soil removed was relocated to another part of the property.
  • All equipment was inspected before and after use to ensure that no fuel was leaking so as to not contaminate the property.
  • To heat and cool the building, OakWood decided to use a geothermal system which draws water from twelve on-site wells.
  • A weeping tile drainage system was installed around the entirety of the building so as to collect all of the building water runoff from rain and snow. The weeping tile ties into the building cistern where the collected water is fed to the facility’s toilets.
  • All plumbing fixtures are low flow and adhere to LEED standards.
  • LG heating and cooling units are used in conjunction with the geothermal system. These transfer warm or cool air to the areas in need or from unit to unit without going back through the boilers.
  • Solar panels are being installed to mitigate hydro use.
  • The entire building systems – heating, cooling, lighting, even security, can be controlled via state-of-the-art tablet applications allowing adjustments to be made in real time.
  • All steel used in the building was mined and manufactured no more than 800 kilometers from the building. In fact, 90% of material used in the construction of the building was sourced locally and falls within the 800 kilometer range.
  • All lumber is FSC rated and comes from areas where trees are replanted for future use.
  • All paints and adhesive have low or no VOC content.
  • All electrical fixtures are LED.
  • 35% fresh air is constantly being exchanged in the building.
  • The air temperature is kept at a moderate 22.5 degrees.

Now almost complete (only the showroom remains), the building is on target to achieve the highest LEED status available in Canada
Now almost complete (only the showroom remains), the building is on target to achieve the highest LEED status available in Canada




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