ACEC-Canada Launches Advocacy Campaign

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The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies-Canada (ACEC) has released an advocacy campaign to educate candidates, political parties, and the public on the importance of accelerating and sustaining infrastructure investments.

The ACEC states that they will engage with federal candidates from all major parties and encourage them to make infrastructure investments a priority in their election platforms.

“We hope to see any elected government come in with an understanding of how important it is to provide sustained support, and to look at infrastructure investment as a nation building investment – that is infrastructure the right way,” said John Gamble, ACEC President & CEO.

The advocacy campaign further highlights the creation of a national infrastructure corridor. According to the ACEC, the national corridor is a historical concept that was examined, and endorsed, by an all-party committee in the Senate.

To support its “Infrastructure the Right Way” campaign, ACEC has created an election website,, which includes a portal that permits ACEC members and stakeholders to send letters to all candidates in their riding, including incumbent Members of Parliament.

ACEC will also post analysis of party platform announcements relating to infrastructure and issues of importance to the consulting engineering sector.

The association suggests that both priorities would drive the economy and connect communities, Canadians, and markets with the advocacy’s economic, social and environmental benefits.

“The last two governments have made significant progress on infrastructure investment in recent years,” said Gamble. “But this election is critical because funds haven’t been flowing as quickly and consistently as either we or they had hoped. Steady, predictable investments are needed to provide the greatest economic benefits to support Canadians and communities.”

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