CASA-ACÉA Celebrates 2024 Student Work Showcase

From May 13th to May 18th, the Canadian Architecture Students Association (CASA-ACÉA) celebrated the excellence of architecture students in the 2024 edition of the Student Work Showcase presented at the RAIC Conference in Vancouver.

CASA-ACÉA is an independent, bilingual, non-profit, and student-led organization. Our mission is to connect and advocate for the community of Architecture students across Canada by supporting, promoting, and profiling student success.

Every year, the organization invites architecture students to submit their work to be presented at the annual RAIC Conference, as well as the CASA-ACÉA webpage. The Student Work Showcase presents projects from the twelve accredited schools of architecture across the country as a way to support architecture students on their academic path.

“RAIC members, architects, designers, and sponsors, have all shared their growing enthusiasm for student work to be shown at the conference. We look forward to continuing to support architecture students and showing off the wonderful work produced across Canada,” says the organization.

The competition is structured into different categories:

  • 1st and 2nd Year Undergraduate
  • 3rd and 4th Year Undergraduate
  • Masters (Graduate)
  • New in 2024: Housing-related Projects (any year)
  • New in 2024: People’s Choice Awards – public voting

The top project in each category has each received a subscription to Canadian Architect as the winning prize. Finalists and winners were also featured during the RAIC Conference in Vancouver this past May at our CASA-ACÉA Exhibition space. The complete panel of submissions is featured on the Student Work Showcase page of the CASA-ACÉA website.

All project entries were reviewed by a Jury comprised of Amina Lalor, Lancelot Coar, Luis Casillas Gamboa, Omar Gandhi, and Zahra William. Jurors evaluated each project based on the following criteria:

  1. Resolution
    The project is thoughtfully considered and carefully crafted. Problems are appropriately addressed in a complete way. Work is well-researched and developed in a rigorous method. Solutions are functionally solid and aesthetically sophisticated.
  2. Representation
    The project is clearly communicated in an elegant manner. Visual and written work is composed in a manner conducive to conveying the concepts, drivers, and results of the project. Drawings are visually appealing, engaging, and deliver a strong understanding of the subject matter.
  3. Relevance
    The project is a meaningful addition to the diverse work of Canadian architecture students. Approaches and solutions are creative and innovative in nature.

In 2024, CASA-ACÉA received a record number of submissions for the Student Work Showcase totaling up to 71 projects. For the first time, the organization launched a People’s Choice Award category, allowing the public to vote on their favourite project showcased in-person and virtually. This initiative resulted in an astonishing 1200 public votes, far exceeding the organization’s initial step to extend the vote to the public.

CASA-ACÉA congratulates all participants and expresses gratitude for the enthusiastic public engagement. We are looking forward to what 2025 will bring to the Student Work Showcase. Stay tuned for more opportunities to celebrate the future of Canadian architecture.

View the complete panel of submissions.