Amazon Canada brings Alexa to senior living communities

For the first time, Amazon Canada is bringing its voice-AI, Alexa, to senior living communities across the country with the launch of Alexa Smart Properties.

Designed specifically for the needs of senior living communities, Alexa Smart Properties enables senior living residents to keep in touch with their loved ones, connect with their community, access community news, and more, using an Amazon Echo device in their room.“We believe the intuitive and accessible nature of voice and Alexa has the potential to help and delight customers in many scenarios, in and outside of the home,” said Celine Lee, Alexa Canada Country Manager. “We’re excited to extend the Alexa experiences customers already love to senior living communities and give providers new ways to save time and personalize care for their residents.”

Care team members can communicate more efficiently with residents using Alexa communication features, which enable them to make announcements, voice and video calls, or send direct audio messages to other Alexa-enabled devices throughout the property.

Residents can request property information and perform specific actions like, “Alexa, let my care team know I’m ready for lunch.” They can also use Alexa to perform smart home actions, including “Alexa, turn on the light” or to stay connected to family and loved ones by asking things like “Alexa, call my grandkids.”

Alexa can also help communities streamline activities like check-ins, field requests for maintenance, and administrative tasks—enabling associates to save time and increase productivity.

Working with Connected Canadians, a nonprofit organization that promotes digital literacy skills amongst seniors and older adults by providing technology training and support, senior living tenants in community Bruyère Village will be able to opt-in to using Alexa Smart Properties with additional supports.

“We fundamentally believe that technology has the ability to empower seniors to live better quality lives, we’ve seen firsthand how older adults can benefit from interacting with Alexa,” said Emily Jones Joanisse, CEO, Connected Canadians.

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