Beaconsfield Plans to Hold the Next Tax Increase at 2 Per Cent

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According to the Montréal Agglomeration, the value of Beaconsfield properties has increased by 25.9 per cent and the city plans to hold the next municipal tax increase at the rate of inflation, which should be around 2 per cent.

“This is excellent news. The considerable increase in value of our homes means, in concrete terms, that we all have become wealthier. This is important, as for the majority of us, our home constitutes our most valuable asset”, says Mayor Georges Bourelle.

The average value of a single-family home in Beaconsfield rose from $571,900 to $732,800. This is a difference of $130,000 compared to the same type of property on the island of Montréal, assessed at $600,900.

“The role of public managers is to ensure that the taxpayers’ ability to pay is preserved. This is what we have done over the past seven years, while maintaining our infrastructure, roads and parks, and continually improving our services and offers. This is what we will continue to do despite the increases recorded in the property assessment role”, says Bourelle.

The assessment role, tabled every three years by the Agglomeration determines the market value of properties on the island of Montréal.

However, the tax bill contains a variety of elements used to determine the property value, including the assessment.

“We will weight this major increase of 25.9 per cent in property values by reducing the mill rate accordingly. Since the assessment increases vary for each property, some tax bills will be adjusted to inflation, while others will be slightly higher or lower”, says Bourelle.

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