BigSteelBox Structures transform containers into housing, office, and labs for remote areas

BigSteelBox, a moving and storage company with 18 stores across Canada and that uses steel shipping containers, has launched the Structures division and is offering steel containers modified into living quarters, labs and offices for construction and industrial sites in remote areas across the country.

BigSteelBoxes are 6’ to 53’ containers made of eight-gauge, ISO certified, ship worthy steel. While BigSteelBox has modified containers for years, the new Structures division will be focused on larger scale projects and creating a product line for the more common mods including offices, guard shacks and mobile labs.

BigSteelBox Structures had its debut at this year’s Global Petroleum Show in Calgary where it exhibited luxury living quarters for work camps built from shipping containers. The company recently merged with Mission Group, a developer whose condo building expertise has been utilized to create a display of living quarters out of a big steel box.

The living quarters is one 40′ BigSteelBox modified into two separate spaces, each with a private bathroom, built-in cabinets and wardrobe, wall-mounted media hub, 32″ inch swivel TV and extra long single bed. The result is a finish that rivals a high-end condo. To see more visit the photo gallery.

 “A lot of companies operating in remote camps have trouble keeping their workers. Good accommodations make a difference and these luxury boxes beat a trailer and bunk beds any day,” says Jason Siebenga, president of BigSteelBox.

Virtual indestructible, portable, and much cheaper to move than traditional portable housing, modified containers as living quarters are ideal for oil and mining camps in remote areas. They come with their own bathroom, wood cabinets, massive mirrors and electronic sound system. The popularity of shipping container housing has been steadily increasing in Europe as a modern, affordable and urban living option, but BigSteelBox is currently focused on portable living spaces for work camps in remote areas.

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