Bird Construction Marks 100 Year Legacy

Bird Construction Inc. marked its centenary year of building Canadian commercial, institutional, retail, multi-tenant residential, and industrial projects since March 29, 1920.

The AMS Student Nest at University of British Columbia. Photo courtesy of

Hubert John Bird founded the company in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan with two partners, after returning from World War I as a Captain in the Canadian Engineers. Bird Construction has since grown into one of the leading publicly traded builders in Canada, with offices coast-to-coast.

“Since our humble beginnings in 1920 to today, the company has persevered through times of war, economic downturn, natural disasters, and health crises”, said Teri McKibbon, President and CEO.

Bird has also made significant contributions in the, mining, water and wastewater, energy, renewables, nuclear, and civil sectors.

“The key ingredient to our continued success remains our employees and their commitment to the company”, said Mr. McKibbon. “Throughout our history, talented and passionate employees have contributed immensely to our growth by operating with integrity and professionalism, creating a collaborative environment that fosters teamwork, collective stewardship, and a robust safety culture.”

In 1956, a 25 Year Club was established to recognize the employees who remained with the company during the challenging early years, weathering crises such as the Great Depression and the Second World War.

Sixteen employees were inducted into the Club in the inaugural year, including Hubert Bird, and their names were the first to be etched on the plaques that hang in each of the 11 offices across the country. The Club has grown to include 220 members, and three 50 Year Club members.

Bird Construction is dedicated to continuing its longstanding tradition of delivering challenging projects for new and repeat clients across the country.

“Our Bird Family is strong and resilient, and we have demonstrated this consistently throughout our 100-year history”, said Mr. McKibbon. “It is a testament to any organization to grow and thrive as long as we have.” Bird Construction stands ready to continue delivering the vital infrastructure needed during this unprecedented time, and for the next 100 years.

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