BOMA Toronto launches e-Energy Training Program in Toronto

A new program to help office buildings become more “green” has been launched in Ontario by the Building Owners and Managers Association of the Greater Toronto Area (BOMA Toronto). The BOMA e-Energy Training program is an energy management course for operators and managers of commercial and institutional buildings. The goal is to make buildings more energy efficient and to reduce energy costs while minimizing expensive, time-consuming capital investments. To date, almost 100 businesses and organizations across Canada have benefited from the course to increase energy conservation and lower their utility bills.

“Understanding how various energy-consuming systems work within a building, and learning how to operate them efficiently, is crucial to the success of any corporate  conservation initiative,” says Bala Gnanam, Director of Projects & Operations of the BOMA Toronto CDM Program.  “Retrofits and new construction to high standards are important, but research shows the highest ‘bang for the buck’ in energy and cost savings is to operate existing buildings as efficiently as possible. This course teaches operators how.” Completion of the e-Energy Training will allow building operations personnel to familiarize themselves with basic energy principles that can be used in their buildings on a day-to-day basis. The training is completed exclusively online, and is available in both English and French. Covering 11 separate modules, the course takes approximately 30 hours of an applicant’s time to complete. 

  The e-Energy Training course is an initiative of local BOMA associations across Canada, created by BOMA BC and enhanced by BOMA Toronto with the support of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).

To register or learn more about the BOMA e-Energy Training program, visit

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