Brookfield launches US$4 billion real estate turnaround consortium

Brookfield Asset Management Inc. and Brookfield Properties Corporation announced the formation of a US$4 billion Investor Consortium dedicated to investing in under-performing real estate. The Consortium will invest in equity and debt in under-valued real estate companies or real estate portfolios where value can be created for stakeholders in a variety of ways, including financial and operational restructuring, strategic direction or sponsorship, portfolio repositioning, redevelopment or other active asset management. Investments will be targeted at corporate property restructurings with a minimum US$500 million equity commitment, and pursued on a global basis, but with a focus on North America, Europe and Australasia.


In addition to Brookfield, the participants in the Consortium consist of a number of institutional real estate investors who have each allocated between US$300 million and US$1 billion to the Consortium. Brookfield has allocated US$1 billion to the Consortium with opportunities in the office sector being funded by Brookfield Properties, at its option, and opportunities in other sectors being funded by Brookfield Asset Management. The Consortium participants have expertise in investing across different geographies and property types and this expertise will be pooled together to maximum advantage in individual investment opportunities.


“This is the next step in our global property growth plan, as it combines our strength as one of the world’s leading real estate operating companies with our extensive expertise in corporate restructurings and strategic acquisitions, ” said Ric Clark, CEO of Brookfield Properties.


 “We believe that the current distressed economic environment and the dislocation both in real estate values and financing availability creates a compelling opportunity to pursue transactions on a global basis where we can utilize our restructuring and operating capabilities. We look forward to creating value for all stakeholders,” said Cyrus Madon, Senior Managing Partner, Restructurings.

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