Building and Construction Trades Council calls on Legislature to pass the Prompt Payment Act

Calling it an overdue piece of legislation, the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario passed a Resolution at its 56th Annual Convention requesting members of the organization to lobby in support of Bill 69 – the Prompt Payment Act. Patrick Dillon, Business Manager said, “We have a situation where payment delays to our contractors cause our members to wait unreasonable lengths of time to get paid for work performed. This places undue financial stress on members’ families and puts their benefits at risk.”

As Premier Wynne said during her remarks to the Convention, “I have had the opportunity to speak with a number of you about that… I think that it looks like there is pretty much all party support… in principle I support that motion.”

Bill 69, the Prompt Payment Act, sets out minimum norms for payment schedules in the construction industry. This will ensure that contractors and subcontractors have a predictable flow of funds for satisfactorily performed work on a construction project. In turn, they will be able to pay trades for work done. It will get rid of the “pay when paid” or “pay if paid” clauses that essentially allow contractors to delay payment.

“Steven Del Duca (Vaughan) should be congratulated for bringing this Private Member’s Bill to the Legislature,” said Jim Hogarth, President of the Council. “This is a long overdue piece of legislation that has been brought before the Legislature several times. Fairness is what this Bill is all about. Now is the time to pass it.”

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