Building volunteers constructing hope In El Salvador.

Instead of bathing suites, sunscreen, and a book for the beach, ten volunteers from the Greater Toronto Area will be packing hammers, power tools, and nails for a trip to El Salvador.


The project has been organized by Guelph-based charity FTC Canada. The team of volunteers is heading to the capital of San Salvador to rebuild a dilapidated feeding centre, as well as construct four homes for families that lack a place to live.  FTC Canada currently operates a feeding program outside the unsafe building, providing meals for 70 school children each day. Rebuilding the centre will provide the children shelter from the rain and sun.


The team leaves Saturday April 17th for eight days of construction. The feeding centre, when completed, will be a 20 ft by 40 ft concrete, stable building with a patio and kitchen.  The four homes will each be approximately 700 sq. ft.  The team will work alongside local contractors and families from the community who want to be a part of the rebuilding process.  


“Our team is extremely excited to travel to San Salvador and work alongside the community there.” says Jon Sprawson of Design Quorum Inc.  “Our goal is to not only build a feeding centre and lay the foundation for some homes, but we also want to come home knowing we helped give children a safe place to eat and sleep.”


Overseas construction projects are a relatively new initiative of FTC Canada. A recently completed project included renovating a feeding centre and painting a school last August in El Salvador.  Additionally, a team of medical professionals spent a week operating clinics in several poor communities there in February.   


To follow the team and see live updates from the building site visit  If you are interested in donating or being a part of future teams please contact Ryan Fletcher at [email protected].



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