CAF-FCA Launches Enhanced Program under Canadian Apprenticeship Service

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF-FCA) and its partners – the Canadian Construction Association, Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board,, BuildForce Canada and SkillPlan — launched their Canadian Apprenticeship Service program.To support apprentice employment, the federal government’s Apprenticeship Service is encouraging small- and medium-sized employers to hire Level 1 apprentices by offering $5,000 grants. Employers may receive $10,000 if they hire a Level 1 apprentice from an equity-deserving group.

CAF-FCA research indicates that over the five-year period from 2022 to 2026, an estimated 122,380 new journeypersons will be required to sustain workforce certification levels across the 50-plus Red Seal trades – the nationally recognized standard for skilled trades in Canada. The recruitment of 256,000 apprentices will be required to keep pace with certification demand. Workforce retirements are driving this demand.

“Low employer participation rates in apprenticeship persist” says France Daviault, “with only 19 per cent of employers hiring and training apprentices.  Given the urgency of Canada’s training challenge, it is important the Canadian Apprenticeship Service has a high employer uptake so youth and equity-deserving groups access much needed training opportunities.”

Employers will be provided an incentive for hiring an apprentice, training related to mentoring, inclusion and essential skills will also be available providing much needed supports to SMEs who do not have HR staff. is an online tool that matches employers and prospective apprentices helping employers connect to those interested in pursuing careers in the trades.

The Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board connects employers to job-ready Indigenous candidates. Workplace mentorship and respectful workplace courses are offered by BuildForce Canada – which supports the construction industry with labour market information, tools and resources – and SkillPlan, a nationally recognized leader in workforce development programming.

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