CaGBC energy benchmarking training to prepare building owners and managers for regulations

In light of the upcoming regulations in Ontario that will require large building owners and managers to implement energy benchmarking, the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) will be offering training in benchmarking strategies.

The courses are designed to prepare private and public sector stakeholders for the Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking (EWRB) regulation, which aims to reduce energy consumption by identifying opportunities that can be explored as a result of energy benchmarking. Other jurisdictions across Canada are also exploring similar initiatives as Ontario’s such as Vancouver and Manitoba, and may soon follow suit with their own regulations.

The CaGBC’s Energy Benchmarking and Understanding Ontario’s Mandatory Energy Benchmarking for Large Buildings courses are intended to provide an overview of the general processes for accurate data collection. Participants will also learn how to create a building profile and successfully use ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Courses will also include discussion of Ontario’s upcoming EWRB regulation.

Energy benchmarking is a key step in minimizing energy consumption in buildings. By using energy benchmarking tools like ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, building owners and managers can use building energy data to determine and compare building energy performance across their portfolios. This information, in turn, informs strategic investments in operational improvements, technology upgrades and retrofits. Ultimately, benchmarking can lead to energy conservation, emission reductions and financial savings, according to CaGBC President and CEO Thomas Mueller.

NRCan’s resource Why ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager? provides first-time users with details on the use of this free, online software tool. Building owners and managers can also refer to Natural Resources Canada’s national building energy benchmarking initiative for tips on energy benchmarking and can peruse the Energy efficiency for existing buildings website for energy efficiency tips.

The CaGBC courses are modelled on similar training courses that were successfully delivered in Chicago. Those energy benchmarking courses were launched to support the city’s Energy Benchmarking Ordinance. CaGBC is promoting a national strategy for energy benchmarking that facilitates the implementation of benchmarking and reporting requirements in Canadian cities and provinces.

Registration is now open. Courses can be taken separately or together, with both webinar and classroom options available. For more information on these courses and to register, visit

This article was originally published in Volume 3, Issue 11 of Natural Resources Canada’s “Heads Up: Building Energy Efficiency.” To read the original article, please click here.

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