CAHPI patriates industry standards of practice

After 23 years of utilizing the strength of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) home inspection Standards of Practice (SOP), the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors of British Columbia, CAHPI(BC), by the unanimous vote of its membership, brought a truly Canadian home inspection Standard of Practice to life in British Columbia, as have other Provinces recently. “To be aligned with the ASHI was a critical strength to CAHPI’s goal of raising standards in the home inspection industry from the onset, however, now we have exclusive use in Canada and British Columbia to reflect our uniqueness and start an industry-wide stakeholder dialogue,” said Craig Hostland, RHI and president of CAHPI(BC). “Our relationship with North America’s largest home inspection association will not change, but it was time to make the Standards of Practice, under which each CAHPI(BC) home inspector operates, our own in both word and deed.”

“CAHPI(BC) has operated as an association of home inspectors critical of lax laws and non-existent inspection standards since inception in 1991. Since licensing was enacted in B.C. in 2009, we continue to work with Consumer Protection BC to close loopholes that allow insufficiently trained inspectors to conduct home inspections, and raise standards to ensure every home buyer gets a comprehensive and accurate home inspection from the industry. With a wholly owned Standards of Practice modelled on the ASHI SOP, the CAHPI SOP supports over 1,100 home inspectors all across Canada in delivering consistent inspections from Cornerbrook to Victoria,” noted Helene Barton, executive director, CAHPI(BC).

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