Calgary’s Modern Architecture + Design Society launches Modern Home Tour

On Saturday, September 24th, the Calgary Modern Architecture + Design Society (MA+DS) will give tour-goers the opportunity to walk through and explore five local modern homes. Visitors will get the inside scoop from homeowners on what it’s like to live in a modern home, and learn from the architects where they found inspiration.

The MA+DS is a new multi-media entity that aims to create a vibrant, global community of modern architecture and design enthusiasts through multiple platforms that inspire engagement with the people, places and things that define the “modern” movement. Born from the long-standing Modern Home Tours group, the new MA+DS continues to bring the concept of a self-guided tour of local modern homes to new cities across the U.S. and Canada. The first-ever Calgary MA+DS Home Tour comes after several successful years of Vancouver Modern Home Tours.

The premier Calgary MA+DS Home Tour was curated by Western Living Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Anicka Quin. Five homes have been accepted and confirmed for the premier Calgary MA+DS Home Tour. Participating architects and designers and featured neighbourhoods include:

  1. A new contemporary home on a ridge in St. Andrews Heights designed by Marvin-DeJong Designs and built by Newgrowth Fine Homes Inc. The design focus was to capture the spectacular city and valley views while building a comfortable and efficient home. Board-formed concrete walls are the main architectural statement; the home also features a bright and modern kitchen, floor-to-ceiling windows, a “fire wall” and an internal courtyard.
  2. A home designed and built by RNDSQR located in the City’s South Calgary community. Project SC31 is a row-house with four attached homes and detached garages. Also just completed, these homes face East to West and maximize all light exposure through the house. The home has two floors and a developed basement, plus a back yard, wetbar, and a host of local vendor amenities.
  3. A walkout home in the Hounsfield Heights-Briar Hill area, designed by the marc boutin architectural collaborative inc. This light-filled two- story home negotiates a steeply-sloping site with dramatic views of Downtown, the Foothills and Rocky Mountains, and features a semi-enclosed courtyard that connects the private and public spaces visually and spatially by a promenade running parallel to both the consolidated block of private spaces and a two-story curtain wall.
  4. The KITliving home in Bridgeland designed and built by KaBeN Design Group Inc. This dwelling is a high performance home that enhances the lifestyle of its occupants through healthy building materials, flexible features and energy efficient building systems. KaBeN designed and built the KITliving home to be a positive home that is aesthetically appealing, pleasurable to live in, and most importantly respects the environment.
  5. A second South Calgary home, built and designed by Housebrand, as an example of the firm’s Future Adaptive Building concept. The high performance building shell is designed to optimize solar orientation, natural ventilation, and the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces. The tailored Interior is designed with loose-fit loft style open space on the main floor that can flexibly adapt to different living arrangements.

Participating homes in the first-ever Calgary MA+DS Home Tour will open their doors for viewing from 11AM – 5PM on Saturday, September 24th, in and around Calgary. All are invited to attend. Tickets are CAD$40. For more details, to see a current roster of homes with details and photos, and to buy tickets for the Calgary MA+DS Home Tour, visit:

Via Marketwired

Home by Newgrowth Fine Homes Inc. Image courtesy of Marketwired.
Home by Newgrowth Fine Homes Inc. Image courtesy of Marketwired.
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