CALMAC CEO named USGBC Board of Directors Chair-elect

Mark MacCracken, CEO of energy storage systems manufacturer CALMAC, has been selected as Chair-elect of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Board of Directors for the 2010 calendar year. The USGBC Board of Directors is responsible for articulating and upholding the vision, values and mission of USGBC. In 2009, MacCracken was elected to serve a second three-year term as Director in the Energy Services Seat.


 “As we continue to move towards a more sustainable environment, the biggest changes we can make are in our buildings. As Al Gore stated in his keynote address at Greenbuild in Phoenix last year, ‘nearly 40 percent of the global warming pollution in our country comes from old, inefficient, leaky buildings that don’t have to be that way,’” said MacCracken. “According to a recent report, the U.S. green building market is set to grow 146 percent by 2013, resulting in drastic energy reductions and improvements for our environment. I’ve been working with Tim Cole (Chair) and Gail Vittori (Past Chair) for a number of years now, and together with the rest of the USGBC Board, we are excited to see what 2010 brings as we enter a new era of sustainability.”

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