Canada Lands Company begins search for senior executive for its Qubec operations

Canada Lands Company (CLC) has begun its search for a Senior Vice-President to head its Québec real estate operations as well as its Old Port of Montréal division.

On November 29th this past year, the Government of Canada announced the amalgamation of Old Port of Montréal Corporation Inc. (OPM) and Parc Downsview Park Inc. with Canada Lands as one Crown corporation in order to improve efficiency and leverage Canada Lands’ expertise in real property and tourism management.

As CLC’s Board of Directors started to deliver on the government’s mandate, it became clear that the CEO position at OPM would no longer be necessary since it is now an operating division of Canada Lands.

“We appreciate Ms Claude Benoit’s assistance and cooperation in these early days of the transition and announce that on February 28, 2013, she will be leaving the organization.  We thank Ms Benoit for her efforts over the past 15 years in the successful development and operation of the Old Port of Montréal”, said Robert Howald, acting president and CEO of Canada Lands.

The position will not be refilled, instead CLC will immediately begin the search for a permanent, Montréal-based Senior Vice President who will be responsible for OPM and all of CLC’s other operations in Québec. This management model will enable CLC to develop a cohesive asset management strategy between its real estate, tourism, heritage and public space assets.

CLC Vice President, Real Estate for Québec, Mr. Cameron Charlebois, and his team will continue to play a vital role in Québec real estate projects.

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