Canadian Design-Build Institute releases updated design-build guides

The Canadian Design-Build Institute (CDBI) has released revised versions of the CDBI Design-Build Practice Manual Series 100 “Introduction & General” and Series 200 “A Guide to Procurement and Award,” which have been updated to address the current industry operating environment and concerns.

“As the design-build environment has changed and evolved over time, the Canadian Design-Build Institute wants to ensure we can address this ongoing evolution by making available current and up-to-date information and guidelines,” said Neil McFarlane, chair of the Canadian Design-Build Institute. “With the feedback we have received from across Canada, these updates provide the relevant information required for those involved in design-build projects.”

Of the updates incorporated into the new documents, Series 200 has been expanded to provide more detail on how to calculate the amount of honouraria owners should be paying, including matrices to help calculate honouraria on low, medium and high complexity projects.

As well, the Series 200 guide explains why owners should be prepared to pay reasonable fees for professional proposals, largely due to the fully-developed design solutions that may come in through multiple proposals. The added benefit of seeing these various solutions should ensure some compensation is shared back to those creating the proposals.

“As part of our ongoing mandate to recommend best practices policies and procedures, these are important changes to the Series 100 and 200 guides,” McFarlane continued. “We are pleased with the new additions, and look forward to continuing our work to promote the proper use of design-build as a method of contracting in the Canadian construction industry.”

The CDBI was set up in 1998 as a special committee of the Canadian Construction Association, and represents about 200 firms. Its mission is to promote use of the design-build method of contracting where suitable; to educate the industry in proper utilization of this contracting method; to recommend best practices policies and procedures to support design-build utilization; and to provide a forum for practitioners. An order form for the new guides is available on the CDBI website at or through contacting local partner associations for purchasing information.

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