Canadian Wood Council launches networking program

Toronto Public Library’s Scarborough Civic Centre Branch. Photo by ©Ben Rahn/A-Frame

The Canadian Wood Council (CWC), an industry association committed to promoting the benefits of using wood in construction and expanding market demand for Canadian wood products, has launched the Woodworks Innovation Network (WIN) in Canada. The expansion of the WIN into Canada is made possible through a partnership with U.S. Woodworks and financial support from Natural Resources Canada.

WIN is a professional online community that provides resources for design and construction professionals looking to incorporate sustainable wood products into their projects. The expansion into Canada provides an opportunity to showcase Canadian leadership and innovation in wood building design and construction, as well as engineered wood products and systems.

“We are thrilled to partner with U.S. Woodworks to launch WIN in Canada,” said Martin Richard, VP of Communications and Marketing at the Canadian Wood Council. “This strategic partnership supports our mission to provide resources and connections that help design and construction professionals achieve excellence in wood design and construction, accelerating market demand for wood products.”

The platform hosts a network of design and construction professionals who have worked with innovative wood technologies such as mass timber, offering a wealth of shared knowledge, expertise, and opportunities for growth. The network enables developers to connect with architects, engineers, and other industry professionals, facilitating collaboration and providing a platform to learn from each other’s experiences and projects.

CWC is launching a nationwide campaign to create awareness for the wood-building community inviting Canadian design and construction professionals to join the network.

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