City of Hamilton calls for volunteers to serve on design review panel

The City of Hamilton is looking for nine design professionals to serve as volunteer members of Hamilton’s Design Review Panel (DRP). According to the city, this opportunity is open to urban designers, architects, landscape architects, planners, heritage professionals and green technologies specialists.

The Hamilton Sign at City Hall- Hamilton-Ontario (photo: Mhsheikholeslami via Wikimedia Commons)

Starting in January 2021, members of the DRP will serve on a voluntary basis for a four-year term, providing expert and impartial design advice to City Planning and Economic Development staff on urban design matters of development within Design Priority Areas.

The City’s DRP began as a pilot program in 2014 and the first full four-year term will be completed in December 2020. As Hamilton continues to experience significant revitalization across the City as our built environment evolves, we look to our DRP as an essential aspect of the development process to ensure high quality design.

While the Panel does not have the authority to approve or refuse projects, or make policy decisions, DRP members provide feedback to Planning staff on matters such as:

  • The potential physical and aesthetic impacts of proposed developments;
  • Landscapes, streetscapes, parks, and infrastructure projects;
  • Supporting creative and unique design solutions;
  • Fostering an effective relationship with the development industry;
  • Improving the quality of urban design in Hamilton; and,
  • Increasing public awareness about urban design in Hamilton.

Apply by Friday, October 16, 2020 at 4:30 pm:

To qualify for this volunteer opportunity, potential candidates must have:

  • a minimum of 10 years of relevant professional experience and must be registered members in good standing in their respective professional associations.
  • municipal planning experience related to Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan Control applications;
  • an understanding of large-scale urban revitalization projects;
  • familiarity with high quality design and sustainable development;
  • the ability to communicate effectively and impartially within a multidisciplinary panel;
  • an understanding of virtual meeting etiquette; and,
  • experience with the peer review process.

Interested candidates should submit their CV, a cover letter summarizing their qualifications and experience, and a brief explanation as to why they are interested in Hamilton’s Design Review Panel, by Friday, October 16th, 2020 by 4:30 pm.

Submissions can be sent via email with the subject heading ‘Design Review Panel’ to: Anita Fabac, Manager of Development Planning, Heritage and Design [email protected]

  • Hamilton’s Design Priority Areas include:
    • Downtown Hamilton Secondary Plan Area
    • Areas of major change and corridors of gradual change within the West Harbour Secondary Plan Area
    • Primary corridors as shown on Schedule E of the Urban Hamilton Official Plan
    • Any other large-scale project across the City selected by the Director of Planning

For more information about the City of Hamilton’s Design Review Panel, please visit:

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