Complete Streets and Active Transportation Projects coming to Beamsville

A combined investment of over $2.9 million will enhance road use and safety for all modes of transport.

Photo credit: The Town of Lincoln

Three streets in the community of Beamsville, within the Town of Lincoln, will be undergoing major improvements through the federal government’s Active Transportation Fund (ATF).

As a result of a combined investment of more than $2.9 million, upgrades will enhance road use and safety for all modes of transport.

Construction on Aberdeen Road will provide a safer and more pedestrian and cyclist friendly experience through the addition of new streetlights and a paved shoulder. New speed bumps will also help to slow the flow of traffic, and enhance safety. Greenery and tree plantings along the road will help to reduce heat island effects and beautify Aberdeen Road.

Lincoln Avenue will undergo similar enhancements to Aberdeen Road, suc as new streetlights, traffic calming measures, cycling lanes, sidewalks and landscaping. Curbs will be added to the street, and help to separate the road from the boulevard as well as improve stormwater management.

Improvements on Greenlane will also improve access to the proposed transit station. The investment on May 31, 2024, will help build a new crosswalk, and install streetlights, curbs, and landscaping.

“The federal government recognizes that active transportation plays an essential role in boosting local economies and tourism. The availability of well-maintained roads, trails, sidewalks, and paths ensures that community members and visitors can continue to access Beamsville and all it has to offer,” said Chris Bittle, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities and Member of Parliament for St. Catharines, on behalf of the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities.

Investments in active transportation are crucial to help Canadians live active, healthy lifestyles as well as promoting affordable, green transportation options. Trails, sidewalks, footbridges, and cycling lanes promote social equity among vulnerable communities as well as reduce Canadians’ carbon footprint.

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