Design Firms Selected for Laboratories Canada Ontario

Laboratories Canada has selected a joint venture team (known as Canada FIRST) comprising Architecture49, HOK and WSP to design projects in the Ontario Regional Projects (LC) bundle.

Canada FIRST supports Laboratories Canada in its mandate to modernize existing and build new laboratory facilities with the target of establishing a world-class national network of modern and multipurpose federal science and technology laboratories that support collaboration, multidisciplinary research and innovation.

“Laboratory buildings are designed with sophisticated infrastructure that help drive scientific achievement. We are fueled by resolving the complex interplay of building components and space to support the advancement of our Canadian scientists,” said Kevin Humeniuk, National Director Science & Technology for A49. “Working alongside HOK and WSP, we are committed to the design and delivery of world class laboratories for Canada.”

The joint venture team brings together globally recognized architecture and engineering firms with significant experience in delivering design for major science facility modernization projects. Its members have worked extensively together on both science mandates and large-scale program execution around the world.

“We have felt honoured to work alongside Laboratories Canada as they apply the new rigorous federal Greening Government standards to this first wave of laboratory projects. In many ways, we feel like a team of scientists – exploring and experimenting to find the unique pathway to zero carbon, resilience and broad sustainability best suited to each facility. It’s inspiring to see the needed commitment and leadership across the team, but especially from the LabsCanada Office themselves,” said Antoni Paleshi, Project Director, Sustainability for WSP in Canada.

“As this last year has made even more clear, the future health and well-being of our society is intimately linked to scientific research,” said Randy Kray, HOK Director of Science + Technology. “We are excited and proud to work with Laboratories Canada to help create a national infrastructure of the highest order that aspires to put Canada on the international research map and improve the lives of all Canadians.”

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