Dow Corning joins Regenerative Network

Dow Corning has accepted an invitation to join the Regenerative Network, a private consortium of leading green building product and service providers whose mission is to advance the green building industry and corporate sustainability objectives through collaboration with members such as architects, engineers, and contractors.

Dow Corning’s suite of silicon-based products and services for the construction industry help enable architects and building professionals meet the growing demand for environmentally sustainable design and energy efficient construction techniques.

“Dow Corning is honoured to join this impressive group of businesses and organizations that are providing and implementing sustainable solutions to scale-up the green building industry,” said Saulo Rozendo, Global Strategic Marketer, Construction Industry, Dow Corning. “We look forward to collaborating with Regenerative Network members to share best practices, exchange new ideas and advance this important growing industry.”

Dow Corning’s silicon-based innovations can help engineers, architects and contractors achieve sustainability goals and design with new and better ways to save energy, reduce carbon footprint and minimize total lifetime costs. Examples include the use of silicon adhesives for tougher, more reliable built-in photovoltaic solar panels, and using silicon to extend the life of energy efficient LED bulbs and fixtures.

“Dow Corning’s membership offers our members and affiliates a deep cache of experience and expertise in enabling sustainable construction and building design, ultimately helping to achieve energy efficiency, extend building lifecycles and reduce carbon footprint,” said Regenerative Network CEO and founder, David Gottfried.

Dow Corning also provides industry professionals with product information, technical expertise, design tools and other resources to create total building system solutions, based on decades of construction industry expertise, technical service, support resources, and customized construction services.

Advanced silicones from Dow Corning have helped make possible the energy-efficient building façade systems of many high performance buildings around the world such as the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab Hotel, Torre Agbar, St. Pancras-International Station, and New Beijing Poly Plaza.

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