Edmonton UDI And CHBA Join Forces to Form BILD Edmonton Metro

Edmonton UDI And CHBA have merged to form BILD Edmonton Metro and appointed their inaugural chief executive officer (CEO).

Chair, Katrina Rowe, (left), and inaugural CEO, Kalen Anderson (right). (Photo courtesy of BILD Edmonton Metro)

Municipal real estate industry associations, UDI –Edmonton Metro and CHBA – Edmonton Region, have incorporated as one entity to form Building Industry and Land Development (BILD) Edmonton Metro, and appointed their inaugural CEO, Kalen Anderson.

BILD Edmonton Metro, will serve as an expert resource for the real estate development industry in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region and will engage with elected officials, municipal administrations, industry groups, utility providers, school boards, post-secondary institutions, NGOs, and communities on issues affecting the real estate sector. It will also provide key insights and expertise on policies, processes, and timelines.

“We are thrilled to have a mandate from all facets of the real estate sector to speak as one voice,” said Katrina Rowe, chair of BILD Edmonton Metro’s Transition Board. “As one organization, home builders, developers, renovators, financial and professional service organizations, trade contractors, and manufacturers and suppliers, will work
collaboratively to shape and build sustainable and prosperous communities throughout the region.”

BILD Edmonton Metro’s Transition Board retained Leaders International to recruit the association’s CEO.

“Kalen is an experienced executive leader with a personal and professional commitment to building sustainable partnerships, communities, cities, and city-regions,” said Rowe. “Her tenure as CEO of the Urban Development Institute – Edmonton Metro, along with her previous leadership roles at the National Capital Commission and City of Edmonton, makes her the perfect candidate to lead our new organization into the future. She will ensure our industry and region remain competitive and ready to welcome an additional one million more people, jobs, and investment.”

Recently, Kalen served as the CEO of the UDI – Edmonton Metro and was previously the vice president of capital planning and chief planner with the National Capital Commission in Ottawa and planning director at the City of Edmonton. Kalen’s leadership is founded on an understanding of urban growth and development issues supported by strong political acumen, good governance processes, smart advocacy strategies, and a transparent management approach.

“I am incredibly honoured to have been selected as BILD Edmonton Metro’s inaugural CEO,” said Anderson. “Our industry contributes mightily to our region’s economy and collaborates with all levels of government to foster a healthy housing market, a great quality of life, and attract good paying jobs and opportunities for current and future
Edmontonians. I look forward to working with BILD Edmonton Metro’s Board, association staff, committee volunteers, members, and external partners, to establish a shared vision for how our real estate sector shapes, builds, and invests in the Edmonton Metro Region.”

Over the coming months, BILD Edmonton Metro’s Transition Board and CEO, will develop a strategic plan and new events and initiatives for its members and the broader city building community.

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