EnerWorks sold to Provision Solar

EnerWorks and Provision Solar announced that they have signed a binding Purchase Agreement to sell EnerWorks to Provision Solar, based in Woodstock, Ontario.  Provision Solar operates under the name “Proterra Solar” and is part of a group of companies which includes Trigon, a construction management firm that has expertise in the solar field and Uvalux Tanning & Support which is a marketing and distribution firm.

The business will continue to operate under the EnerWorks name, and all current EnerWorks products will continue in the market.  In addition, the EnerWorks business will now offer Proterra Solar’s evacuated tube solar thermal products.

EnerWorks’ operations have been relocated to Woodstock, Ontario and the new factory is already up and running. Product offerings, pricing, and distribution partnerships are expected to remain in place – subject to future review and modification as per normal business practices.

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