EUROSOLAR announces European Solar Prize 2015 – Entries accepted until June 30, 2015

EUROSOLAR recognizes important and innovative achievements in promoting widespread use of renewable energy through the annual European Solar Prize, now in its 22nd year. Applications and proposals – submitted online through the EUROSOLAR website, by e-mail or post – are accepted until June 30, 2015. The recipients will be celebrated at a festive gathering at the end of the year.

Established in 1994, the European Solar Prize has since been given to towns and municipalities, community businesses, societies or organizations, architects, journalists and individuals whose projects have contributed in significant and outstanding ways to the use and expansion of renewable energy. To cover the broad effects and the multifaceted uses of renewable energy, the call for entries is launched in the following categories:

–  Towns/municipalities, council districts, public utilities
–  Solar architecture and urban planning
–  Industrial and commercial companies or farmers
–  Local or regional associations/organizations
–  Transport and mobility
–  Media
–  Education and vocational training
–  One world cooperation
–  Special achievement prize for individual commitment

Submitted to the judges will be both, the applications received at EUROSOLAR directly and the proposals forwarded and selected by the sections from submissions rewarded at the national levels. The winners of the European Solar Prize will be chosen from all applications.

Read how to enter, find the online entry form and know more about the previous winners:

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