Effective Financial Management & Risk Management Oversight for Board of Directors

93% of the directors surveyed in a PWC report on board performance felt that financial expertise is the most important attribute a board member should possess. To prepare you to better create value through strategic financial management, I would like to invite you to Effective Financial Management & Risk Management Oversight for Board of Directors, 8 – 9 June 2015 to be held in Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto.
In this intensive 2-day program, you will be armed with the skills to set the financial and strategic direction for your organization and manage the intricacies in financial reporting and risk management to safeguard your organization as a board member. In addition, you will gain insight into how to make strategic operation, investment and financing decisions using time-tested financial frameworks to maximize your shareholder value.
At the end of the program, you will discover how to balance the benefits of potential M&A transactions with the cost of integration to drive sustainable growth within your organization with successful M&A deals. You will be engaged in case studies from Johnson & Johnson and Citibank as well as in-depth discussions with other fellow board members on corporate governance and board decision making.
Key program highlights:
• Create value for your organization by learning to cut through the myriad of financial reports and forecasts to determine the real value of the firm
• Engage in active discussions with other board members to gain insight into how board governance can impact a firm’s financial performance and the board’s role in major decisions
• Apply course knowledge to design risk management frameworks for your firm
• Revisit important corporate finance practices including financial leverage, stock repurchases, and dividend policy to further improve your firm’s financial performance
• Learn to mitigate risks and avoid the common pitfalls in mergers and acquisitions

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