EnerQuality Housing Innovation Forum

Net Zero Housing, Green Product Innovation Gauntlet and VR Construction – The annual EnerQuality Housing Innovation Forum and Awards is set to raise the roof on sustainable building for Ontario Homes
In 2005, EnerQuality certified 96 homes. In 2018, EnerQuality will proudly label its 100,000th energy efficient home. These homes are on average 20% more energy efficient than typical code-built homes, offering savings for homeowners and overall lowering Ontario’s carbon footprint. Assisting in the education and product innovation needed to reach these goals, EnerQuality is hosting the annual EnerQuality Housing Innovation Forum and Awards on February 22, 2018 at the Universal EventSpace in Vaughan, Ont. Here, industry professionals will meet to share knowledge, techniques and tools that are paramount in today’s green, sustainable housing landscape.

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