Heart of the Nation: The Long-Term Vision and Plan for Ottawa’s Parliamentary and Judicial Precincts

This presentation at 7:00pm by Lyette Fortin and Robert Allsopp sheds particular light on the current situation in Ottawa. Since Queen Victoria selected Bytown as Canada’s capital in 1858, the Parliamentary and Judicial Precincts facing Wellington Street have become the symbolic—and physical—heart of the country. This forum examines the history of the area, the key principles of its layout, and the pivotal role of a long term master plan to accommodate its evolving needs. How is the district planned to reflect our democratic institutions and practices? What development pressures has the area confronted in the past? What are the current issues and opportunities facing the Parliamentary and Judicial Precincts? These questions are particularly timely as controversy swirls around the location of the proposed Memorial to the Victims of Communism in the Judicial Precinct. What are the existing plans for the site, and how would the Memorial impact the larger planning vision?

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