Quebec Apartment Investment Conference

2018: A Comprehensive Overview and In-Depth Look Into the Multi-Unit Residential Market

The Québec Apartment Investment Conference brings together owners, managers, developers, investors and lenders to provide valuable insights into the multi-unit residential market.
In 2017, the strong interest in this major market resulted in the conference being sold out with a record attendance of over 510 executives.
For 2018, this highly focused, one-day conference will examine major trends, issues, opportunities, and strategies in Québec’s multi-unit residential market.
Uniquely tailored, the Québec Apartment Investment Conference program has been designed to offer the strongest possible value to owners, managers, developers, investors and lenders.
The program will provide valuable insights in some major theme areas:
• Multi-family and apartment investment
• Income and net asset value improvement strategies
• New purpose built rental development
• Financing sources and trends
• Niche market opportunities
The Québec Apartment Investment Conference is organized by the producers of The Real Estate Forums, in conjunction with a steering committee of apartment owners, lenders, brokers, and valuators.
In keeping with the strong reputation of the Forums, the conference will present high quality speakers on very topical issues at a relatively low registration fee.
Enhanced opportunities for networking will be available throughout this year’s conference. CEOs, CFOs and other senior executives of large and small firms that own apartment buildings will be joined by public and private equity investors, pension funds, financial institutions, lenders, commercial real estate brokers, lawyers, accountants, appraisers, and other specialists in real estate finance and valuation.
Attendance at the Québec Apartment Investment Conference may also qualify for several continuing education credits.
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