evolv1 achieves dual Zero Carbon Building certification

The Cora Group has achieved dual certification for evolv1 under the Zero Carbon Building Standard. The building is the second to receive the Canada Green Building Council’s (CaGBC) Zero Carbon Building Standard – Design and Zero Carbon Building Standard – Performance certifications.

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/Stantec

The Stantec designed building was built to attract a millennial, tech-savvy workforce. Two years prior, evolv1 accepted the Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) – Design certification under the Canada Green Building Council’s Zero Carbon Building Standard.

“The Cora Group is pleased to announce that evolv1 has earned Zero Carbon Building Standard – Performance certification through CaGBC’s Zero Carbon Building Program. The goal was to influence the market and now with the Performance certification, we hope the influence is even stronger,” said Adrian Conrad, The Cora Group’s Chief Operating Officer. Since the Cora Group opened evolv1’s doors, it has welcomed everyone from students to country leaders through its building to show the tangible example of what a zero-carbon future could look like. “The vision is to build a better future for our world.”

As Waterloo’s sustainable urban office building, evolv1 operates with a highly efficient building envelope. The sustainable features include two different solar technologies: solar panels and a passive solar wall system. The building’s open-loop geothermal system uses an aquifer to heat and cool the commercial space. The geothermal well is 160 meters deep and pumps 800 gallons per minute. Other features include a 40,000-litre rainwater cistern and daylight harvesting. The building promotes sustainability with 28 Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers.

evolv1 is visually known for its vast solar array of 1,440 Canadian-made solar panels covering the building’s parking spots. There are also 754 solar panels on the roof.

On a summer day, the onsite solar panels can produce more than 2,000 kWh of renewable energy over what the building consumes – providing this energy back to the grid. In the winter, evolv1’s passive solar wall continued to impress The Cora Group with its ability to warm the entire building requiring little to no additional aid in heating.

“Cora knew it wanted to apply for the zero-carbon performance certification once one year of reliable energy data was available and took steps to achieve this goal. It was important for us to ensure the building was fully occupied during the certification period to further validate our performance,” said Thor Neumann, The Cora Group’s Sr. Project Manager.

During evolv1’s first year of operation, the 104,000 sq. ft. building’s total annual production was 848,823kWh. Evolv1 is close to achieving LEED Platinum certification as a LEED Platinum candidate.  Its solar array displaced 110 tons of CO2 in one year, the equivalent produced by 130 cars.

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