Cladding control

Shield the home Cosella-Drken has a new way to wrap a house, with Delta-Dry, the protective shield against wind, rain and moisture. This is the first product that addresses a reoccurring problem for builders: the framing and sheathing getting wet during construction. Delta-Dry keeps out air, water and outdoor water vapour unlike house wraps that are porous or breathable. Independent testing showed that Delta-Dry was more effective in draining off excess moisture and speeding up the drying of walls than the sheathing membrane used to “wrap” new homes. It also helps to maintain indoor climates and increase efficiency for the home because it reflects radiant heat and resists wind with its metallic silver membrane.

Thick skin The Architectural Series from Royal Building Products is highly durable because it is thicker than industry standards, with an approximate thickness of 0.05 in. With the Windlok 240 feature, the Architectural Series has been tested with winds of up to 386 kph (240 mph), with no damage. Manufactured using Royal’s Dura Technology process with Dura Colour Protection makes the Architectural Series highly durable with a lifetime performance. The Architectural Series will not dent or peel, rust, flake, corrode, or conduct electricity. It is available in 11 classic shades from white to mountain blue. These sidings are also cost-effective, adding to the value of the home, with a virtually maintenance-free cladding system.

Time-saving spray Chemline’s new Chemthane 7050 spray protects styrofoam or expanded polystyrene architectural shapes from the elements with its 100 per cent solid (zero VOC) fire retardant polyurea hard coating. Chemthane 7050 resists cracking under direct impact with its balance of flexibility and strength. It has a tensile strength of 3000 psi (20.5 mpa), 67 Shore A hardness and 40 per cent elongation. Chemthane also creates a barrier against thermal expansion and water intrusion. The coating cures in a matter of seconds, which allows a faster production of more parts. With Chemthane, manufacturers will be able to replace steps in the exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS); they will only need to prime and apply a coating of stucco or other mastic.

Sto system Sto Corp’s StoPowerwall Next system offers a more powerful approach to building with stucco. StoPowerwall Next includes StoGuard, which is Sto Corp’s spray-on waterproofing and air barrier featuring the Sto EmeraldCoat. EmeraldCoat is a ready mixed, flexible waterproofing material, formulated for use under cement stucco and other claddings. It applies directly to the wall sheathing and acts as a waterproofing and air barrier in combination with Sto Gold Fill and StoGuard Mesh. The system also includes a reinforcing layer, an expanded galvanized diamond metal lath, the StoPowerwall scratch coat and brown coat, and a smooth or textured finish. Sto coatings and finishes fill in the smallest of cracks ensuring that moisture stays out. StoPowerwall Next not only combines stucco with an air barrier, controls moisture, and reduces mold, but it is also energy efficient.

Selecting Quantum Durex Quantum Select is the newest development from Durabond Products. This wall system’s main feature is the expanded polystyrene insulation with factory-cut grooves, designed to drain out any incidental moisture within. Other features include an air and vapour barrier, insulation adhesive, and a glass-fibre reinforcing mesh. Quantum Select has a non-combustible polymer-modified cementitious base coat under a primer and a Durex Architectural Finish Coating in the desired texture and colour. Durex Quantum Select can be used in high-rise, residential, institutional and commercial buildings. Its versatility allows the designer creative freedom combined with a technologically advanced cladding system.

Healthy adhesive Goodfellow introduces Purebond, a formaldehyde-free adhesive that replaces the urea formaldehyde hardwood plywood construction. This eliminates formaldehyde from the standard veneer core and the wheatstraw agrifiber-core. Purebond has been developed for Columbia Forest Products for use in their Purebond formaldehyde-free panels. These panels are compliant with LEED standards and are eligible for LEED credits. Product testing has shown that Purebond formaldehyde-free panels are highly water-resistant, almost waterproof performance.

Touch of pink The new CodeBord from Owens Corning is rigid and lightweight foam insulation for exterior wall and interior of foundation wall applications. It comes in 1 in., 1.5 in. and 2 in. thicknesses and can be installed on either steel or wood stud wall framing. It has a thermal resistance of R-5 per inch of thickness that blankets the exterior frame, reducing heat loss though the stud walls. CodeBord Pink extruded polystyrene rigid insulation boards are Greenguard certified to meet indoor air quality standards and SCS certified for its 15 per cent recycled content.

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