The Heat is On

Never short of breath

Product: WPL 10 IK

Design: Stiebel Eltron GmbH & Co./Manufacturer: Stiebel Eltron GmbH & Co.

The air/water heat pump WPL 10 IK is striking due to its compact construction and the high level of integration. Simple screw connections enable the lower side components to be removed for installation and servicing and ensure free access to all system components. In particular the judges were impressed with the clearly structured design of the body of the device and the good legibility of the display.

Haptic success

Product: UniSH

Design: Prof. Ulrich Hirsch/Manufacturer: F.W. Oventrop GmbH & Co.

UniSH is one of the smallest thermostats available on the European market and appealed to the judges because of the success of its haptic mode of operation and its material continuity. Based on the geometrical form of a cylinder, it fits very well with modern bathroom radiators both in terms of technology and form. Another plus point: it is not only possible to “read” but also to “feel” the setting of the thermostat.

Here comes the sun

Product: Absorptionskltemaschine

Design: TEAMS Design GmbH/Manufacturer: Schco International

A new product in Schco’s range of solar energy-based systems, this absorption chiller offers the possibility for rooms to be cooled using solar energy. The machine is available with a cooling output of 15 or 30 kW, and the thermal compressor enables particularly low drive temperatures of 80C.

Designer heat

Product: DENVIRO

Design: Tofte ID, Kre Tofte/Manufacturer: Biovarme ApS

The DENVIRO range is a newly-developed pellet heating system with an innovative combustion and cleaning system. Among the system’s striking features are its constant high efficiency and excellent noise insulation. For this reason it is suitable for installation in areas next to living rooms such as utility rooms. The wave-like design on the front symbolizes heat and in the judges’ opinion rounds off the system’s overall positive impression.

It’s getting hot in here

Product: actoSTOR

Design: Vistapark GmbH/Manufacturer: Vaillant GmbH

The innovative concept of the actoSTOR hot water storage tank enables the integration of all basic components in the total form of the device. The new insulation and cladding concept provides optimum heat insulation and allows the device to be assembled or disassembled easily and quickly. According to the judges, the choice of materials and the design meet the requirements of technically complex products geared to reliability and functionality.

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