The nature of Ghosts

“As an architectural student in my early twenties, I quickly became suspicious of the nature of the architectural education that I was receiving. While daydreaming in the classroom, and looking out the window at the life on the street outside, I felt a recurring desire to knock down the massive brick wall of the building and let the sounds and fresh air outside fill the academy.

“Ghost began as a critique of architectural education and is based on the apprenticeship model of professional education that has its roots in the medieval trades’ guilds. This hands-on, design-build experience is all the more relevant in our increasingly virtual world.

“The Ghost lab is a ‘test tube’ for research in the areas of landscape, material culture, and community. Each project acts as a landscape-measuring device, reading natural and settlement patterns through a built proposition. Each project is a study in light wood framing, which is temporary, recycled, and biodegradable, resulting in an ephemeral quality. Each July, Ghost is consummated and legitimized by a spontaneous community party and concert on the historic site at the end of an incendiary two week process.” -Brian MacKay-Lyons

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