Federal government supports rapid housing project in Greater Sudbury

The Sudbury Peace Tower Housing project will provide affordable homes for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness, Indigenous people, Black Canadians, and women and their children.

On May 31, 2024, Viviane Lapointe, Member of Parliament for Sudbury, on behalf of Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities and alongside Marc G. Serré, Member of Parliament for Nickel Belt and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources and to the Minister of Official Languages, announced more than $6.3 million in funding to help create 38 new affordable homes in Greater Sudbury.

The Sudbury Peace Tower Housing project, located at 87 Pearl Street, will be a five-storey multi-use residential facility that will provide affordable homes for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness, Indigenous people, Black Canadians and women and their children. Additionally, the project will be used for administration, community activities, and social service delivery.

Completion of the project is expected by the winter of 2025.

This is being made possible by the federal government’s additional investment of $1.5 billion into the Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI), which brings the program’s total to $4 billion to support Canada’s most vulnerable.

This investment is expected to create at least 5,200 more affordable housing units for those in severe housing need across Canada, with almost 50 per cent of investments going towards women-focused housing projects.

“Homelessness is a reality for too many people, and we are working with all our partners to ensure everyone in our community has a safe place to call home. This investment, through the Rapid Housing Initiative, will have a positive impact on those in need and will make a difference in the ongoing efforts to end homelessness and secure housing affordability in Nickel Belt – Greater Sudbury and across the country,” said Serré.

The RHI provides funding to facilitate the rapid construction of new housing as well as the acquisition of existing buildings for the purpose of rehabilitation or conversion to permanent affordable housing units. The additional funding for the third round of the RHI will be divided into two streams: $1 billion through the Projects Stream and $500 million towards the Cities Stream.

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