Alma Residence

Main facade. Photo credit: Félix Michaud

Microclimat has introduced Alma Residence, a Montreal duplex from the early century that was transformed into an intimate and spacious single-family home.

The front facade maintained a respect for the architectural language of the original duplex, however, the work connecting the other facades to the exterior is contemporary.

This living space emphasizes tranquility, fulfillment, and brightness, and the project demonstrates qualities which are highly valued in urban settings.

Rear facade and shed. Photo credit: Félix Michaud

The project, which is attentive to finding the right balance between a dense program and offering comfortable living spaces, reflects an interplay of contraction and expansion of spaces.

From the double-height kitchen at the heart of the house, visitors then transition to the cozy lower-ceiling living room, where openings frame the backyard landscape.

Kitchen. Photo credit: Félix Michaud

Along the party wall, there are staircases that are topped by a skylight. The master bedroom, which is nestled in a new mezzanine built on the roof of the residence, contains a spacious and elegant bathroom and two terraces at the tree canopy level.

Double height and staircase. Photo credit: Félix Michaud

Alma Residence distinguishes itself from the neighboring house with its side courtyard.

In terms of surfaces and materials, they were all carefully selected to create warmth with raw material, which is both constant and changing throughout the day and the spaces are shaped by small details.

Photo credit: Félix Michaud

Alma House, which defies the challenges of urban proximity, is a soft and comfortable escape in the heart of the city, that embodies the original desire of all architecture to create a pleasant place to live.

Main terrace. Photo credit: Félix Michaud

Technical sheet

Place: Montreal, QC
Services: Architecture
Year: 2023
Jamais Assez

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