Cégep Marie-Victorin

Cégep Marie-Victorin, a public college in north-east Montreal, offers a wide range of diverse programs, some of which are artistic in nature (graphic design, interior design and visual arts, for example). Since 2008, the college has undertaken several large-scale development projects aimed at improving its environment. The college has always been daring enough to draw on its own resources: a pool of seasoned professionals and creative students, in order to foster a modern, welcoming environment that showcases its talent and a culture based on innovation, creativity and a personal touch. During the 2017/2018 financial year, three renovation and design projects were completed.Cégep Marie-Victorin

The project involved creating a well-defined sports environment that meets environmental, structural and functional norms (similar to aquatic facilities) and is better adapted to the diverse needs of the college community and the public (locker rooms and the palestra).Cégep Marie-Victorin

The outsize swimmer printed on the walls and the large windows facing the pool allows users to feel the movement of the water and draws attention to the grandeur and sheer size of the space. The integration of the swimmer is more than an aesthetic choice. It is also a creative and safe way to filter daylight and reduce the amount of light that reflects in the water.

The three main themes that were favoured during the redesign of the locker rooms are flexibility, organization and functionality of the space. The space is now adapted to different types of clientele. A key element is the decompartmentalization of locker rooms using portable panels. The result is spectacular when it comes to both design and functionality. Either one, two or three locker rooms can easily be created as required. In addition, two large glass windows allow users to see both the palestra and pool, thus ensuring this space is the core of the sports centre.Cégep Marie-Victorin

Immense images of Cégep Marie-Victorin athletes are printed on the main wall and illuminated by a series of carefully chosen light fixtures and by the entrance to the pool which allows natural light in. The palestra has become a space that showcases the talent of a few of our athletes and promotes college sport. The effect is grandiose, and visitors are immediately made aware of how important sport is to the college and the efforts made to support athletes who use the palestra.Cégep Marie-Victorin

The project also centred on a very strong graphic visual element that is present in each transition space (staircases, adjacent corridors, mezzanines) that allows users to easily travel from one dedicated space to the other.Cégep Marie-Victorin

The project remained true to the values of Cégep Marie-Victorin by bringing together the skills of interior designers and graphic designers. The designers involved are also Cégep Marie-Victorin employees so they were incredibly invested and engaged throughout the process and are all very proud of this achievement.

Data Sheet — Project founder: Sylvain Mandeville, Cégep Marie-Victorin’s General Director |Principal project designers involved in projects presented in this file: Louise Gélinas, interior designer, and Cindy Goulet, graphic designer and graphic design teacher at Cégep Marie-Victorin | Architect: Héloise Thibodeau, Architecte Inc. David Comptois, Architect and Project Manager

Photos by Sébastien Roy

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