Photo credit: Ema Peter

Grow by Architecture: Modern Office of Design + Architecture (MODA) is a 20-unit, multi-residential housing project located in the neighbourhood of Bankview in Calgary, Alberta.

The project, which is an innovative take on a mixed-use development, features varying unit sizes, and uses the binding social element of a barrier-free, 0.6 acre rooftop urban farm. It also introduces urban horticulture in the form of private gardens, vegetative roofs, apiaries, and more.

Grow’s units aim to suit a range of ages and family sizes, including small (450 sf) studios, medium-sized (600 sf) condos, 1.5 storey lofts, and large (850-1,000 sf) two-storey townhomes.

Photo credit: Ema Peter

Grow also presents a reinterpretation of the “privatization” of multi-residential living. Using unit diversity and urban farming, the building’s residents can participate in all facets of farming, including spring planting, daily maintenance and care, harvesting, and engaging with the broader community of Calgary through the weekly preparation and sale of harvest baskets.

This granular approach to place-making is crucial to building resilient communities as society navigates increasing social division, and the health impacts of social isolation. In Grow’s emphasis on activated social spaces, differences in age and demographics become less pronounced.

Photo credit: Ema Peter

Technical sheet:

Architecture: Modern Office of Design + Architecture (MODA)

-Dustin Couzens

-Ben Klumper

-Nicholas Tam

-Cara Tretiak

Interior Design: Modern Office of Design + Architecture (MODA)

-Cara Tretiak

Landscape Architecture: Modern Office of Design + Architecture (MODA)

-Nicholas Tam

Urban Farming Consultant: YYC Growers

-Rod Olson

Energy Modelling: EMBE Consulting Engineers

-Moortaza Bhaiji

-Paul Caicedo

Envelope/Sustainability Engineering: Williams Engineering

-Hillary Davidson

Civil Engineering: Richview Engineering

-Robin Li

Structural Engineering: Wolsey Structural Engineering

-Danny Wolsey

Mechanical/Electrical Engineering: TLJ Engineering Consultants

-Kevin Vig

Builder: RNDSQR

-Al Devani

Architectural Photography: Ema Peter Photography and MJay Photography

-Ema Peter (Exterior)

-Michelle Johnson (Interior)

Owner/Client: Andrei Metelitsa (Private Developer)

Photo credit: Ema Peter
Photo credit: Ema Peter
Photo credit: Ema Peter
Photo credit: Ema Peter
Photo credit: Ema Peter
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