Havres Montcalm

Havre 01- Exterior 2. Photo credit: Studio 57 for MU Architecture

Havre Montcalm, a modern architectural getaway development designed by MU Architecture, consists of elegant and peaceful residences nestled in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains.

The collection of 62 residences, located on 184 acres of nature, was inspired by the mountainous terrain and clearing, as well as from the history and family values of the owners.

The estate is 20 kilometers from Mont-Tremblant, and blends into the surrounding forest. It provides views of the Laurentian mountains, as well as access to trails, Lake Beaven, the Aerobic Corridor Park, and various other cultural and outdoor experiences.

Havre 02- Exterior 2. Photo credit: Studio 57 for MU Architecture

The site’s topography, with changing vegetation and views of the surrounding mountains, makes it a unique place. For the architecture of this project, MU Architecture and Projet Paysage were tasked with ensuring that it integrated within the existing landscape with minimal intervention on the terrain. The placement of the homes minimally alters the site, while also highlighting its natural components.

A private road, which winds through the terrain, was also created and allows for accommodation of the terrain’s slope and rugged topography. The residences are arranged from the bottom to the top of the hill in a serpentine fashion, optimizing space and ensuring that each one has a view of the valley below. The layout was planned to strike a balance between privacy and accessibility, while also preserving the natural landscape.

Living Area. Photo credit: Studio 57 for MU Architecture

MU Architecture designed four typologies for the site that all vary depending on the terrain on which the chalet was built. The first typology has a single level, and is raised from the ground to preserve the existing topography and to minimize the footprint.

The other three typologies are nestled into the mountain slope with the creation of a garden level.

The first typology is elevated to give the impression of floating above the plain, while the other three are anchored in the ground and offer living areas and views on two levels of the house. Types 3 and 4 maintain an elongated form, while types 1 and 2 are derived from the same architectural premise, but with a structure that extends into an “L” shape. The models range from 1,133 sq ft to 4,131 sq ft and feature two to five bedrooms. Individual land sizes range from 1.2 to 6 acres.

Living Area. Photo credit: Studio 57 for MU Architecture

Havre 4 is raised from the ground to give the impression of floating above the plain. The chalet, limited to a single floor, appears to have been delicately placed in its natural landscape. Havre 4 was specially designed as the basic premise for all chalets in the development.

Havre 3 was designed to nestle into the mountain slopes. It spans two levels and discreetly incorporates a carport at the rear. The chalet offers three bedrooms, including a master suite on the ground floor, and a game room and a bar on the garden level.

Havre 2 is a new typology of four bedrooms, derived from the main model, and extends the building’s structure into an “L” shape.

Havre02-Living area. Photo credit: Studio 57 for MU Architecture

Havre 1 is the largest and most luxurious proposal. This unique chalet typology is only found at the top of the estate, where the plots are larger and the views are most impressive. The “L” volume allows for the addition of a guest suite on the ground floor. This chalet also features a sauna and a pool.

MU Architecture’s modern homes invite contemplation and relaxation, with simple and elegant interiors that feature high cedar ceilings, a wood stove, and custom kitchen cabinets. Nature inspired the shape and materials of the architectural concept of Havre Montcalm, and it also permeates the aesthetics of the interior design. The result is three interior finish palettes in cohesion with the environment in which the chalet is situated.

Havre 03- Garden Level. Photo credit: Studio 57 for MU Architecture

The three options include the following.

La Clairière was inspired by the abundance of light and the beige tones of the clearing’s hay, while la Forêt was inspired by the diversity and beauty of the forest on the site.

La Rocheuse’s palette of finishes are deep and dark, which aim to evoke the rich hues of the surrounding mountains.

Technical Sheet:

Name:  Havres Montcalm
Location: Montcalm, Quebec, Canada
Client: Stephan Gradek
Architectes / Designers: MU Architecture,
Team: Jean-Sébastien Herr, Charles Côté, Pierre-Loup Pivoin, Michèle Bélair, Sakiko Watatani, Andrée-Anne Godin
Landscape Architects: Projet Paysage
Structural:  Émile Lord ing.
Contractor: Gradco
Real Estate: Engel & Volkers
3d images: Studio 57
Area: From 1130 sq.ft. to 4130 sq.ft.

Havre 02- Exterior 1. Photo credit: Studio 57 for MU Architecture
Havre 01-02 Garden Level. Photo credit: Studio 57 for MU Architecture
En Suite. Photo credit: Studio 57 for MU Architecture
Havre 03- Black Roof. Photo credit: Studio 57 for MU Architecture
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