Le Petit Montréal

Before the crisp fall air assumes the summer heat, Downtown Montréal has bestowed another outdoor installation for all laid-back purposes. Le Petit Montréal’s lush oasis is a place for shoppers and workers to unwind under shady relaxation spots, string lights, and design furniture in the middle of the Sainte-Catherine Street construction site.

Photo credit: Loïc Romer

Created by Destination Centre-Ville in collaboration with Îlot 84, a non-profit corporation known for Aire commune, Le Petit Montréal embraces the organization’s mission to revitalize urban spaces through cultural, artistic and professional projects.

“Proposing very a different concept and uses here, Îlot 84 remains convinced that a pleasant public space highlighting local businesses will create important economic benefits,” said Marie-Pier Tessier de L’Étoile, Executive Director of Îlot 84.

The pink pop-up space is mindful of its developing environment and the intuitive movement of people by adding unobtrusive furniture and a coordinating line on the ground that delineates the area.

Photo credit: Loïc Romer

Located directly on Phillips Square, the site’s elevated terrace overlooks downtown and most of Sainte-Catherine Street’s redevelopment. Its large staircase acts as both stands highlighting the statue, but also as a wall blocking the roaring rhythms of the construction work.

Two of the three containers supporting the structure have been furnished to create interactive, informative spaces for tourists and neighbourhood workers.

Destination Centre-Ville’s dedication to developing, improving and promoting downtown Montréal activities speaks to their objective to transform the Sainte-Catherine Street construction site into a refreshing Montréal experience with Le Petit Montréal.

Photo credit: Loïc Romer

As a commercial development association, their mandate is to make sure that downtown Montréal is a clean, safe and dynamic area of international scope where tourists, workers and customers enjoy shopping, working and living.

“Sainte-Catherine Street is in transformation, and it is essential for it to maintain its charm and attractiveness in spite of the construction site. Le Petit Montréal will attract visitors and workers near the construction site, increasing traffic in the stores and restaurants in the vicinity. This is a brand new initiative downtown. Our intention is to create an annual rendezvous that can move along Sainte-Catherine Street, mirroring the progress of the construction work,”said Émile Roux, Executive Director of Destination Centre-Ville.

Photo credit: Loïc Romer

Visual Identity: Paul Transon | Design and Scenography: Sophie Julien| Technical Drawing: Simon April | Carpentry: Jean-Pierre Groulx and Yves Bossé | Supervision: Laurent Lussier, production manager| Photo: Loïc Romer

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