Garneau announces federal investment for northern transportation corridors

Today, Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, announced the call for proposals for funding to address transportation challenges in transportation corridors in the territorial North.

transportation corridors, territorial north
An ice road across the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories. Photo by Ian Mackenzie via Flickr Commons.

The National Trade Corridors Fund is a core element of the Trade and Transportation Corridors Initiative. The fund is dedicating $2 billion over 11 years to strengthen Canada’s trade infrastructure, including up to $400 million for transportation infrastructure in Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. It also supports Canada’s trade diversification strategy which is all about securing better trade deals and providing support to innovative, ambitious and hard-working Canadian entrepreneurs so they can achieve success here and in all corners of the world.

Eligible projects will support northern transportation infrastructure (ports, airports, all-season roads and bridges), and will enhance safety, security, and economic and/or social development in Canada’s three territories. The projects should also address the unique and urgent transportation needs in Canada’s territorial North, such as access to markets, difficult terrain and climate conditions, and the high cost of construction along Canada’s northern trade corridors. In addition, consideration will be given to a project’s ability to support trade to and from Canada’s North.

“Enhancing the northern transportation system will support and promote economic growth, trade diversification and social development, offer job opportunities, and ensure greater connectivity for Northerners. By creating new opportunities for Canadian investors, exporters and, especially, our small and medium-sized businesses, the Government of Canada is helping them access new customers, clients and the well-paying jobs that flow from these opportunities. I encourage Canadian business owners, commercial organizations and communities located in Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut to apply for funding under the National Trade Corridors Fund,” said Garneau.

Territorial and municipal governments, Indigenous groups, not-for-profit and for-profit private-sector organizations, and federal Crown Corporations and Agencies are all eligible and encouraged to submit expressions of interest until January 15, 2018. Comprehensive project proposals are due no later than March 29, 2019.

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