Golder Associates merges with HB Lanarc Consultants

Golder Associates has merged with HB Lanarc Consultants, a full-service “green solutions” consultancy that specializes in planning and design for sustainability. Adding to Golder Associates’ core services in earth and environment, HB Lanarc brings long-established expertise in planning, design, and engagement efforts for urban, suburban, and rural settings.

The union boosts Golder’s market position in the Real Estate, Transportation, Waste, and Power sectors by enhancing planning capabilities in urban communities, sustainable development, energy management and development, and consultation/facilitation. The new team delivers an integrated service package built around the “eight pillars of sustainability,” which responds to the critical trends of our time.

“By combining skills from the two firms, we deliver a broader integrated services package and increase the “touch points” in our mutual clients’ project lifecycles, bringing greater value to them,” said Ateesh Roop, managing principal, B.C. Operations.

This union is important for HB Lanarc as they gain more reach and opportunity in Canada and around the world for their innovative ideas, and more resources to build up their team and tools. Noted for their award-winning approach to community sustainability challenges and opportunities, HB Lanarc will continue its mission to proactively address the challenges of our times-urbanisation, infrastructure challenges, demographic shifts, climate change, food security, economic vitality, ecological integrity, energy security, and engaged governance.

HB Lanarc co-founder David Reid said, “We are excited to work with and support all the service areas within Golder, bringing to the forefront our focus on sustainability.” HB Lanarc will retain its existing locations in Nanaimo, B.C. and Vancouver.

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