Governments of Canada to Invest $394.2M in Housing Affordability in Nova Scotia

The federal and provincial governments have reached a bilateral agreement to prioritize affordable housing under the National Housing Strategy (NHS) for families, Indigenous communities and vulnerable Canadians in Nova Scotia.

By Citobun – Wikimedia Commons

This 10-year agreement, which will be cost-shared ‎by the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia, will invest almost $394.2 million to protect, renew and expand social and community housing, and support Nova Scotia’s priorities related to housing repair, construction, and affordability.

“The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that every Canadian has a safe and affordable place to call home. As Minister of Rural Economic Development, I’ve heard the impacts on a community’s health and sustainability from insufficient and unaffordable housing. That’s why we have taken a significant step toward our goal of building strong communities where Canadian families can prosper and thrive, now and for the future,” said The Honourable Bernadette Jordan, Minister of Rural Economic Development.

According to a release by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia will work together on the design and implementation of a new Canada Housing Benefit for the province.

The Government of Nova Scotia will develop and publish three-year action plans, beginning in 2019-2020, setting targets and outlining how it will use federal and cost-matched funding to achieve the desired outcomes.

“We are committed to continue to address the specific housing needs for Nova Scotians. Everyone deserves a safe, suitable and affordable place to call home. I am proud that our governments are coming together on this joint funding agreement. We will now work with CMHC to finalize the first three-year action plan that will advance our provincial housing priorities, providing more affordable and accessible housing options to those who depend on it, especially for our most vulnerable citizens,” said The Honourable Chuck Porter, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

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