Great Gulf launches Active House in Ontario and announces partnership with Georgian College

Great Gulf recently launched an Active House in Ontario and announced a multi-year partnership with Georgian College.

Photo courtesy of Great Gulf

After introducing the Active House-certified home seven years ago, real estate company Great Gulf recently announced that Active House will soon be available in select communities across Ontario.

To mark the occasion, a ceremony was recently held in Bradford with Mayor James Leduc, Georgian College officials and municipal leaders. At the event, the Summerlyn Active House was unveiled and an announcement was made about a multi-year partnership with Georgian College that will provide students with access to Great Gulf’s facilities for applied research and give scholarships.

The Active House helps to make living indoors healthier and more comfortable while having minimal climate impact. Great Gulf, along with Danish-based manufacturing company Velux, are both founding members of the Brussels-based Active House Alliance, which is a group of international partners who work together to build homes based on comfort, energy and environment.

“Active House is a paradigm shift in building design, one that puts the health of both people and the planet first to create a better quality of life,” said Tad Putyra, president, Great Gulf Low-Rise & Home Technology, and Member of the international Active House Alliance’s Board of Advisory Committee. “The Active House label is a signal to homeowners that their house is designed to improve their overall well-being, and future-proofed for their evolving needs.”

The house was designed by in-house architects and built using Great Gulf’s H+ME Technology system in the company’s manufacturing plant located in Toronto, Ont. It was also built with prefabricated, CSA-certified wood panels using a 3D computer modelling process.

The Summerlyn Active House has various unique rooms and features, including a work-from-home space with natural light. Active House enables residents to require little to no artificial lighting during the day which aims to improve productivity, concentration and better sleep. Natural airflow also moves through the rooms and insulated walls, floors and exteriors which reduces unwanted noise.

Additionally, the Summerlyn Active House is Energy Star certified, EnerGuide rated, net zero ready and contains solar panels, an optimized building envelope and Tesla battery installed.

“To build the Summerlyn house, we’ve drawn on learnings from wide-ranging Active House projects in China, Germany, the Netherlands as well as two of our own Active Houses in Toronto and Thorold. Active House has the potential to transform the homebuilding sector the same way electric vehicles have revolutionized the auto sector,” said Shaun Joffe, executive director, Sustainability & Building Sciences, Great Gulf.

Great Gulf is also developing a multi-year collaboration with Georgian College to launch the Great Gulf Innovation Award Suite, which aims to support the next generation of homebuilders. It includes four additions to Georgian’s financial aid program which include The Great Gulf Student Award in Skilled Trades, the Great Gulf Sustainability Award, the Great Gulf Award in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and the Great Gulf Engineering and Environmental Technology Entrance Scholarship.

With a total commitment of $50,000, these awards aim to support 24 students who are driving innovation and sustainability practices.

Bill Tresham, chief executive officer and executive chairman, Great Gulf Group, announced at the event that he and his family will be matching the company’s donation to Georgian College.

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