Great Gulf wins Low-Rise Builder award at the 36th Annual BILD Awards

Great Gulf has scooped up an award for low-rise builder of the year at the 36th annual BILD Awards from the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) on April 28.

“We are very proud and excited to have been recognized with this award and want to congratulate and thank the entire Great Gulf team on our win for the Homebuilder of the Year Low-Rise. I would also like to thank recent new home buyers for their trust and confidence in our ability to provide them with well-built, architecturally well-designed homes,” said Christopher Wein, president of Great Gulf. “This is the third time in our company’s history that we have won this prestigious award and at a particularly fitting time as we celebrate our 40th anniversary.”

One of the main considerations for this award is a customer satisfaction survey completed by recent occupants of the builder’s communities. Great Gulf’s sales staff and upgrade selection process were ranked highly and some buyers stated they would consider Great Gulf before any other builder for the purchase of their next home.

Great Gulf marries design innovation, construction technology and craftsmanship ensuring precision building. It uses an innovative approach to building with H+ME Technology. It starts with a three dimensional computer-aided design for all its homes. Wall and floor panels are assembled robotically in a controlled 200,000 square foot factory environment. The result is straighter joints, squarer walls, improved structural integrity and virtually no errors or deficiencies. Once shipped to site, homes can be assembled in two days.

With this building science, Great Gulf has revolutionized the building industry and the home-buying experience. Its reputation as a premium builder is a result of 40 years of experience and a commitment to superior design and cutting-edge technology. Precision Building, Ideal-Condition Building and H+ME Technology Built Certification lead in the future of construction and producing the best possible end product.

Great Gulf Wins Top Builder Low-Rise at the 36th Annual BILD Awards
Great Gulf Wins Top Builder Low-Rise at the 36th Annual BILD Awards
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