GreenSaver launches residential new construction program campaign at the Green Building Festival

The independent non-profit corporation GreenSaver used the Green Building Festival as the perfect platform to launch a new campaign to improve the energy efficiency of new homes in Ontario. Called the Residential New Construction (RNC) program, it is funded by the Ontario Power Authority and managed by each electrical utility in its own service area. GreenSaver is the oldest residential energy efficiency organization in the province, and has been contracted by several high growth utilities to engage new home builders directly to improve the energy conservation of the homes they build.

“As a perennial sponsor of the Green Building Festival, we see it as a great opportunity to learn about new techniques and best practices, but also to engage builders and other industry profession about the Residential New Construction program and reach our goal of 5,000 new homes,” notes Vladan Veljovic, president and CEO of GreenSaver. “The RNC program brings homebuilders and utilities together and provides direct to builder funding to improve the energy conservation of new homes. This leads to a lasting legacy of conservation and lowers the growth impact of new home construction on Ontario’s energy grid.”

The program is currently being rolled out in the service areas of Burlington Hydro, Hydro One Brampton and Veridian Connections (Clarington, Ajax, Belleville and Pickering) and will run until the end of 2014. It is structured to support existing market targets like ENERGY STAR for New Homes, with incentives to make it more attractive to build to higher than Ontario Building Code standards, and maintain the initial affordability of purchasing new green homes.

“Every year the Green Building Festival has major announcements and program launches that benefit the Green Building Industry in Canada, and we are very pleased that GreenSaver chose to launch their RNC campaign here,” explains Mike Singleton, Executive Director of Sustainable Buildings Canada, the group that puts on the Green Building Festival.

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