GROUPE A / ANNEXE U Receive a 2020 National Urban Design Award

GROUPE A / ANNEXE U has been selected for the 2020 National Urban Design Awards by the RAIC in the Urban Design Plans category for its Intervention Plan for the Pedestrian and Cyclist Comfort and Safety in the Old Québec City (Vieux-Québec).

Residential Street Redevelopment Proposal – Section. Photo credit: Groupe A / Annexe U

Through the development of street families based on the findings of a multi-criteria analysis, this intervention plan serves as a decision-making and design tool for the Old Québec area redevelopment.

Based on the complete streets approach, it integrates proposals for the redevelopment of these groups of streets, an implementation plan over a 15-year horizon, and a multidisciplinary and participatory approach.

Place de l’Hôtel de Ville Redevelopment Plan Proposal. Photo credit: Groupe A / Annexe U

Intervention Prioritization Map. Photo credit: Groupe A / Annexe U

According to the developers, the ultimate goal is to improve the safety and comfort of pedestrians and cyclists in Old Québec.

Regarding the project, the jury wanted to highlight this ambitious plan: “Part study and part master plan, this was a well -researched, comprehensive, innovative and beautifully presented project. The plan reflects the unique history, topography, climate, and built form of old Quebec City and considers it from a cyclist’s perspective. While certainly not a standardized template, the plan provides an example of how other cities and towns might successfully plan for pedestrians and cyclists.”

Main Uses and Access Map. Photo credit: Groupe A / Annexe U

“It is an extremely comprehensive infrastructure planning study whose novelty lies—in part—in the inclusion of non-traditional considerations such as topography, scenic views, and character, solar exposure, and heritage interpretation. The analysis is exhaustive and the rationale for the various proposed strategies and policies clearly articulated and communicated. The proposed site interventions, such as the treatment of intersections, are simple but effective and refreshingly responsive to contextualized conditions. The use of a permanent “workgroup” of various stakeholders throughout the project is commendable. An outstanding framework for guiding the improvement of pedestrian and cycling infrastructure at the scale of a large urban district—especially given the complexity and historical significance of its context.”

ANNEXE U has actively participated in improving living environments through architectural and urban design interventions throughout Québec. This plan was developed in collaboration with Québec City and with the contribution of CIMA+ (traffic/transportation) and Lemay (landscape).

Project Data 

Client: Québec City | Location: Old Québec City (Vieux-Québec) | Completion: 2018 | Architects and urban designers: Groupe A / Annexe U | Project manager: Erick Rivard | Project Team: Keven Ross, Maxime Rochette, Alexandre Laprise et Rémi Morency | Contributors: CIMA+ (circulation/transport) et Lemay (paysage)

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