Habitat for Humanity Canada partners with ARXX

More families across Canada will have the opportunity to live in safe, energy efficient and affordable homes thanks to ARXX Building Products and Habitat for Humanity Canada (HFHC). Habitat for Humanity Canada has entered into a partnership with ARXX to provide several elements that can contribute to the success of HFHC builds including discount pricing, training and support and national distribution of ARXX Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) to all of HFHC’s affiliates. In addition to the energy efficiency provided by the ARXX forms, Habitat for Humanity Canada homes built with ARXX ICF walls and foundations will provide the owners with better indoor air quality, elimination of the risk of water intrusion through the foundation walls and resulting mold, mildew and rot, as well as improved structural integrity.

“ARXX has worked with HFHC affiliates for years and we’re very pleased and excited to formalize our relationship so that we can help Habitat for Humanity Canada achieve their goals in communities across Canada. The work that HFHC does is very important and our products go hand in hand with their mission,” said Gael Mourant, President and CEO of ARXX. “Our training program and readily-available technical support helps affiliates and volunteers self-perform foundation and building work, and our discounted pricing plan and national distribution platform provides Canadian Habitat affiliates access to our products for their new home builds.”

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