Harbour Centre unveils redevelopment plans

Harbour Centre Complex Limited announced plans for a significant redevelopment of its landmark complex in downtown Vancouver. In the spring of 2013, extensive construction work will begin to expand and upgrade the food court and revitalize the complex’s streetscape.

“The changes are designed to enhance the complex, making it brighter, more welcoming, and easier to navigate,” says Norman Pearl, senior vice president of Polaris Realty Canada Limited, the company which manages Harbour Centre. “Our vision is to retain the heritage of the building but to offer an improved shopping and dining experience for our customers.”

The core of the redevelopment is the food court expansion. A portion of the existing second level floor will be removed to accommodate a two-story galleria. Approximately 17,000 square feet of eating and common area with more than 600 seats will be served by 14 contemporary food vendors offering healthy food options and a selection of world cuisines.

Interior upgrades will include higher ceilings, open-concept lounge spaces, and a fresh colour palette. Increased natural light will brighten the lower common and retail areas. Other additions include complimentary Wi-Fi zones, larger washroom facilities, and digital directories.

The building’s exterior façade will also see improvements. The Cordova Street entrance will be enlarged to offer clear sightlines into the Centre. Wider entryways, new canopies, and improved signage will add colour and light to the building, improving street presence for pedestrians. Custom-designed architectural light fixtures, inspired by the Observation Deck’s iconic shape, will be added to the Centre’s perimeter.

The multi-million dollar redevelopment is designed by SSDG Interiors Inc. in conjunction with project architects, DA Architects + Planners. Construction will begin in the spring, with completion expected in late 2013.

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