Holcim Canada launches ‘Together for Communities’ Employee Volunteer Initiative

Holcim Canada is celebrating the centennial of its parent company by announcing the launch of its ‘Together for Communities’ program at the Earth Rangers Centre in Woodbridge. With this initiative Holcim Canada aims to give back to the community by mobilizing its 3,000 Canadian employees to volunteer a work day to relevant causes in their local communities throughout the year.

The 100 year anniversary of Holcim Ltd. is being celebrated across the globe in the various countries where the company is present, where the hope is to engage as many as 80,000 employees worldwide to volunteer one day in the communities where the company operates. If everybody at Holcim participates, Holcim Ltd. could provide almost 100 years’ worth of volunteering service to society.

The Honourable Charles Sousa MPP, Mississauga South, is the local provincial representative for the riding in which Holcim Canada operates its Mississauga Cement Plant, and is familiar with the work the company has done in the community.  “I congratulate Holcim Ltd. on their 100th anniversary and their exceptional business and community engagement. It is especially great to see Holcim celebrate this incredible milestone by giving back generously to their local community, organizations and charities through their Together for Communities initiative. Thank you to Holcim and all the wonderful volunteers for your leadership!”

“It is extremely important to have committed partners in the community—the kind that you can count on to pitch in for a local Habitat for Humanity build, join volunteer committees, support local families in need,” says Stewart Hardacre, president and CEO, Habitat for Humanity Canada. “By adding volunteerism to their corporate giving program, Holcim Canada is providing its employees and partners in the Together for Communities initiative a very personal experience – a chance to see first-hand the value of their contributions and the difference it can make.”

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